Prescott College Center for Nature & Place
Prescott College Center for Nature & Place
Episode 1: ...but are they learning?

Nature-based learning supports child growth & development as well as typical programs.

This episode considers research from Cordiano, Lee, Wilt, Elszasz, Damour, & Russ titled “Nature-based education and kindergarten readiness: Nature-based and traditional preschoolers are equally prepared for kindergarten”, originally published in the International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education. This research provides evidence that, for preschoolers, learning in an outdoor environment can be just as effective in promoting academic and social-emotional readiness for kindergarten as learning in a more traditional environment.
The research findings and their implications for practitioners will be discussed by host Ellen Bashor and guest educator Brooke Ahlegian.

Hosted by Ellen Bashor with guest Brooke Ahlegian of Roots of Connection in Seattle,WA.