Prescott College Center for Nature & Place
Episode 2: The Connection's Better Out Here

Nature-based learning supports children’s health and well-being.
This episode considers Louise Chawla’s 2015 research review, titled “Benefits of Nature Contact for Children”, published in the Journal of Planning Literature. This review  traces research of benefits of nature contact for children from the 1970’s to present, and identifies from this benefits of nature contact for children that include positive outcomes in the following areas: physical health, cognitive functioning and self-control, psychological well-being, affiliation and imaginative play, and affiliation with other species and the natural world – all related to children’s realization of their capabilities.
Host Ellen Bashor and guests Carol Darrow and Dan Jannone explore these findings and consider how they might impact practices in traditional school environments.

Host: Ellen Bashor Guests: Carol Darrow & Dan Jannone of Primavera School in Prescott, AZ