The 6th Annual Summer Institute for Nature- & Place-based Early Childhood Education
This 3-day Webinar is an inspiring, fun, informative professional development event. The Prescott College Center for Nature & Place will host this prerecorded Webinar on June 4-6, 2021. You can look forward to amazing speakers, fun virtual field trips, a community forum to connect with others, access to great resources, and more! Did I mention that this is all free?? Are you ready to have some fun?! Participants will discover: ~What nature and place-based early childhood education is and why it's such a hot topic in ECE today. ~Ways to align their current teaching practices with the pedagogy of nature and place-based learning. ~How to plan nature and place-based experiences for young children that are developmentally and culturally appropriate, inclusive, and linked to early learning standards. ~Effective strategies to advocate for nature and place-based activities in their programs and community. ~Current advocacy efforts for increasing inclusive and equitable access for all children to nature and place-based learning. ~Community resources and partnerships for increasing inclusive and equitable access to natural environments for children and families.